Sunday, July 12, 2015

40 km bike time trial, state age group race

The state bike time trial was on June 20, in Hempstead, Texas.  It was hot, of course. I surprised myself by riding better than I expected.

The course was actually 40.3 K (25.09 miles).  My time was 57:13, average speed 26.3 mph.

I was the 3rd place Texas resident in 55-59 age group (but really 4th, because there was one out-of-state guy ahead of me).  The photographer said to put our arms up for the photo, so I did.

Pookie is on hunger strike (June 2015)

Tuna and kibble is not acceptable.

UT graduation day, May 23, 2015

Wearing Hogwarts robes at the College of Natural Sciences graduation ceremony.  I am jealous of Jon's cap. He got a tam, and I just got a mortar board.
It was fun!  I'll go again next year.