Thursday, November 22, 2007

The story of Lefty the butterfly

Lisa found a butterfly in our yard that was unable to get free of her chrysalis. So she helped the butterfly out. But the butterfly had only one good wing (her left one). Her right wing never did unfold properly. Since the butterfly could not fly, Lisa moved her from flower to flower so she could get food.

Lisa discovered that Lefty likes to drink juice from apple slices. Especially when they are on a plate with a flower pattern. So Lefty is a well fed butterfly.

Lefty stays inside our house at night, on a plant in the kitchen. During the day, Lefty stays outside by herself. She can always be found at the end of the day, near the flower that she was put on, since she only travels by walking. Sometimes during the day, Lefty is visited by other butterflies.

Lefty has now been with us for 6 weeks, and she has become a very old butterfly. Her wings are a bit tattered, and her colors are not quite as bright as they used to be. But she does still enjoy drinking from a bright yellow "flower" that was made from a grape that has been put on a kitchen scrubby.

Update, December 24, 2007. After a seven week stay with us, Lefty passed away yesterday. She spent her last day on a favorite plant in the kitchen.