Monday, August 15, 2011

san angelo triathlon

The Wool Capital triathlon in San Angelo was yesterday. It rained during the race. The 10K run had to be shortened to 5 miles due to flooding on the course. So it was 1.5K swim, a very wet 40K bike, and a 5 mile run.

I placed 4th overall, first in age group. I actually crossed the finish line first, since the 3 guys who beat me started 5 minutes behind me (the start was done in 2 groups, 5 minutes apart, to prevent crowding). I also had the fastest bike split of the race. My run was not very good, I just can't seem to find the faster gear that I used to have for running. Oh well.

1.5K Swim: 23:16 (5th)
40K Bike: 59:05 (1st)
5 mile Run: 36:23 (15th)

Overall time: 2:00:54 (4th)

Results of top finishers (click to enlarge):