Sunday, May 20, 2007

Triathlon season approaching

Triathlon season gets started in about 5 weeks. As of now it is difficult for me to tell what to expect. I am injury free, which is good. My running seems a bit slow, and I did a dreadfully slow time at the Shoes for Austin 5K, 19:46. I seem to be swimming pretty well. Biking in training seems a bit slower than last year, but then I just did my best time at the Tuesday night 8 mile time trial a few days ago: 17:53 for 8.0 miles, average speed 26.8 mph, which is the fastest time by an over-45 year old since they started the time trials a few years ago. So that is certainly encouraging. But I felt pretty sluggish in the local Cactus Challenge triathlon.

The first "real" race of the season is the Buffalo Springs Lake half-ironman triathlon on Sunday June 24. Its a 1.2 mile swim + 56 mile (hilly) bike + 13.1 mile run.