Saturday, August 14, 2010

end of summer update

Here's what's new -

In bicycling news, the Texas State 40K time trial was today, in Floresville, near San Antonio. I was 5th in the 50-54 age group, out of about 25 competitors, in a time of 57:58. I rode well, but the course was not a particularly good one for my (lack of) bike handling skills. The first and last part was a bunch of turns in the center of town. I take corners like an old man (slow!), and much prefer the long straight sections where I can just grind away.

Summer teaching is over. I did the "Fundamentals of Biochemistry" course for a group of 125 undergrads, mostly pre-med, pre-dental, and chemistry majors. I like this course a lot, but wish the class sizes were a bit smaller.

Fall teaching starts on August 25th. I'm doing a big undergraduate biochemistry course for biochemistry majors (a new course for me), plus a graduate course in physical methods of biochemistry, which I've done once before.